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id like to take ur crown off

and clean it

gently, suavelike

and kiss each iron spike

before i place it back on 

ur head of curls. 

no sé qué pasará mañana

if a tomorrow will come

but this night within us 

beats so strongly 

que por este momento

i'd like to sit en este desconocido

mirando un amanecer that might never come. 

me gustaria--if its just for a few moments

to take ur calloused hand in mine

y encontrar el quietud

en el canción de nuestros huesos. 

the beats and drops 

de tu sangre llamando al mio. 

the battle will begin again 

cuando salga el sol

and soon there will be no time

for tenderness such as this. 

two lovers holding hands

at the edge of the world. 

whatever mañana brings

estare contigo.

thru thick and thin

porque, bueno, pues te amo. 

“más que mi propia piel” 

for donna

find what you need

in spaces that tell u 

u are enuf

may ur cup always be half full

and never empty

and that u surround urself 

w people that see ur light

shine thru even on the darkest of days

i hope that one day 

wn all this is said and done

wn ur sitting on someones porch

ur own maybe

and ur family gathers around u 

and its perpetually late summer

so the sun hits just right

and the sunsets last for days and days

i hope that u are able to look back 

on a past that was 

not couldve been 

or shouldve been 

but simply existed in a perfectly imperfect way

cus it belongs solely and irrevocably 

to u. and u alone. 

i hold on tight 

to the idea that u shall always 

surround yourself w full bellies 

and laughs that shake the heavens

friends who have no fear 

of the sound of their voice

and u can hear it carry over the wind

and u will run toward it

because for once 

for many many times

in your life

u are filled with serendipitous joy. 

all this i wish for u.


if the tears come

let them come pendeja

let them roll down ur chubby cheeks

like a summer rain in july

let ur eyes 

open and let ur tired ass soul

out to see the world

u dont need to keep ur cards 

so close to ur chest

xq aqui

entre ahora y siempre

we are linked in blood, sweat

in stardust

and i can see u for the king 

u were always meant to be.

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